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When it comes to me, I find myself on computers super frequently. If it’s not for work, then it’s for the stuff I’m doing on my own. I’m the guy people call to fix their computers. I’m the guy who is doing stuff on a computer that you shouldn’t be doing. I’m the guy who upgrades his computers in ways that weren’t intended. I’m the person who has more knowledge than he should. Most of what I learn about involves computers.  I am wanting to be able to be versed in PC and Macs.  I know some but I could always know more.  I tend to relate to computers more than people and that is why you will see some writings about networking situations on here, too, because while I am rather good with computers, I’m not so good with peers, so I like to take samples from what happens to me and see if I can learn from them. I have been fascinated by people who are good at interpersonal situations and I am usually wanting to develop my skills in that area. What you have read here is more than you wanted to know, most likely, so get back to the blog.