Nothing Is Secure

The more I use it, the more I think the internet is run from crazies for crazies.  Why do I think this?  Let’s go there.

Have you ever heard the phrase if you put anything on the internet you can never undo it?  Well, it’s true let me tell you why.

There is a website possibly you’ve used.  It’s called archive.org.  Basically, if you’re unfamiliar, it takes pictures of websites when they are online and then if a website goes offline you can see what it used to look like.  Pretty neat right?  There are a few kinds of people who use this.  First of all, there are people who want to prove something that transpired and they need to use archive to do it.  People who do this might be a little crazy.  I’m not sure.  The second kind is people who want to see something that isn’t online anymore, for example, this site that my browser used to visit is really cool, but isn’t online anymore and is now only visible on archive.  So for this reason it’s really cool.  Probably there is a third reason but I’m unaware what it is.  The point is, a lot of people use it.

Then you have sites like deepdiveduck.com.  This is related, but it takes pictures of the site while it’s still online.  But one use for this is for users who are following politics.  They have section on their site where after each change you can see the way it was and the way it is now.  How come this is useful?  Well, if you are viewing the elections and you want to see the changes that are being made to each candidates website, this is pretty awesome.  I’m not saying these people change their mind on things, but it would be pretty fun to have a record of each thing they’ve said.  Basically, here’s the thing, political people like to change their minds, and when you are looking at their website and they say something and then they alter it to say something else, you can get perplexed.  I mean think about it, this is the kind of thing that everyone realizes but no one can ever really mention fully.  However you at least know that it used to be one way, but this can be remarkable to see the process that they are doing as the campaign rolls on, or according to my thoughts.

But I guess there are other reasons to use it, too. I would say that politics and such involves a lot of changes to your stance and everything and I think seeing what people are doing regarding this can be beneficial.

My point it, the internet contains tons of data, and this is just another way to comprehend what is going everywhere.