Getting Local Channels Without An Antenna

Question gotten from a reader:

” I’m trying to come up with a solution that is either an “all-in-one” service or minimize how many different apps need to be used. I currently have Netflix, Amazon Prime and I started a trial for Hulu +TV. I download movies and watch through Plex. I piggyback off of a family members Netflix, and Amazon probably isn’t necessary but I already have it because of Prime and I don’t think I’ve even watched anything on that app. I’m really looking to see if there is an option that would substitute the Hulu+TV. The only device I have that is compatible with Hulu+TV is a first gen Firestick, and I hate wireless streaming. A friend of my wife says she gets a service through something called A+ (or A Plus,) $100 a year for 1 TV. It seemed like the new digital age satellite box method. I’d rather get whatever equipment I need (if any) I just do it myself.   “

Great question! I’m up for cord cutting if/when I can get equivalent service with DVR functionality, like with podcasts. For now, adding everything with increased internet service for streaming and then all the unique streaming providers…just seems to be a wash. I like picking a few shows or games and getting them recorded while I sleep and watching later. Sunday ticket was a game changer but when it got so expensive, it’s fine to just use the reddit streams.  

Wireless streaming is a lot better than it used to be. throw out the old firestick and get the new firestick 4k, they go on sale for $25 all the time. you could also get a fire tv recast, you hook up an antenna to that and you can put it anywhere in the house because it connects wirelessly to the fire tv sticks.

I don’t like wireless streaming because I always seem to come across buffering, but that could just be from the content, plus I’m already hard wired everywhere.. I have 1 AP Pro already.

I cancelled my TV and landline and my internet was upgraded to 500/500. I bought a flat antenna from Wal-Mart and it’s decent. I still need to mess with the positioning because a few channels come through choppy. It’s my downstairs TV, I need to see if I move it upstairs if the reception is better. I could also get a TV tuner card for my PC and stream through Plex and that PC is next to a window pointing somewhat towards the broadcast source.

i’m happy with fubo except that it doesn’t have abc. so far the 30 hour dvr thats included is good enough & $55/mo is way better than the 110 i was paying for cable.