Computer Controls

I like to try and keep my computer and everything up to date.  I mean, I wasn’t necessarily excited to try Windows 8 although I am starting to like it a little bit more, but as far as hardware and stuff, I like to have stuff that is fun and new.  I also tend to want to try out a lot of the new stuff that I see.  For example, one of my favorite things are the mouses that have buttons on them that you can set up to do other things.  They make it easy to assign something to them so you can perform something by pressing the button with one of your fingers.  The only thing I don’t like about that is some of them have the buttons set up to where I will hit them when I don’t want to use them, so for that reason it’s important to get one that you like.  Keyboards are another area where there are some cool styles.  For example, you’ve probably all seen chiclet style keyboards.  If not, those the kind where the keys are lower and don’t stick up as high, similar to what you find on a laptop.  And then of course there are the ones that are kind of rounded that are supposed to be more comfortable to use.  And then there is a new one that I just heard about when I was looking  online and I came across a Logitech TK820 review that has a touchpad built into the keyboard.  Look at it!  How cool is that though?  Touchpads might not be my favorite method of moving the cursor about but I do think that is a pretty cool feature and I would like to try it out.

Logitech tends to make some good stuff and they are one of the brands I see most often when I go to the store.  There aren’t many Logitech products that I actually do own, but I usually consider them when it comes to making a new purchase.  But this new keyboard is kind of strange and I definitely think I want to try it and see if I like it.  The only touch pad I’m used to is the one on my tablet and I don’t even really use that one that much, although it’s fun for checking email or whatever if you’re not at your desk.  The other thing I have been seeing recently are really small keyboards, but I don’t know if that is just a new fad or if that is something that is going to become the norm as people start to like them.